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Monday, September 12, 2011

Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011

Date: 23 September 2011 (Friday)


It's a Friday, we get special promotion at TGIF?


Time: 6 pm onwards


Clubs usually starts after 10 for happy hours; 6pm is too early. 

Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club


 Some place I guess.


But, if you combine them together, and add in the event.

Arthur’s Day 2011

Date: 23 September 2011 (Friday)
Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club


It will be one heck of a party/event. To be honest, I am superfragilisticexpialidocious-ly excited because it will be my FIRST Arthur's Day event since, I just hit 18 this year. Well, I am not a drunkard nor am I an alcoholic but I love Beer and have been drinking it from a tender age which I shall not mention perhaps if you leave your email then I might tell you.


Well, I suppose people might think, "This half-hearted-punk-who-barely-turned-legal wants to drink with us, adults?"


Well, why not? I am legal in age and .... OMG Taio Cruz is going to be there. Isn't that enough to get everyone crazy? I love His songs and would participate in the event even if I was still underage. 


P.s I am 18, legitly. 921005-XX-XXXX


 Besides,  it would be an eye opener event for me since I rarely get an opportunity to listen to Malaysian's artists. Well, I wasn't interested in Malaysian artists before this; not untill I've heard BUNKFACE's Through My Window. So with many local artists performing, I am sure I will love more Malaysian artists. 

I would like to apologize for Ripping this. =D

 They all look so mouth-watering. I want to eat them listen to them perform. Besides, no sane person in this world would say no to a party right? 

World's response,"JYEEAAAAHHH!!!"

Besides, there be lots of people there. Nuffies, fellow bloggers, hotties and every single people out there who wants to celebrate Arthur's Day as much as I want to. I would love to meet everyone there and make new friends, who knows I might get lucky   free beer? 

Besides, Prema Yin looks pretty, I want to have a closer view. 

But most importantly, there are two important things in my life, and to have them both togethere is like a dream come true. Blogging and Beer. Well, blogging is an awesome past time, and till this day, although I got into lots of arguments with my parents, I will never regret the day I picked up blogging as a passion. 

Secondly, beer. Well, ask any blogger if they like beer or not, if they say they don't, well; give me their Authur's Day passes. LOL. Beer is a must have during non-Muslim events (not being racists); we have beers in weddings, open houses, house warmings and most importantly Aurthur's Day. 

Well, I am writting this full with hopes to attend this event, because it's been a year since I participated in any blogger's events and I would sincerely appreciate it, if I was given the chance to attend. My last awesome event was last year's Digi Buka Puasa with Nuffnang. How nostalgic as I reminiscized into the past.

But, this time, if given the chance, I would love to reminiscize with beer and party. So, I have this to say before I end my post; 

Bring out the booze and let's party.

Have a nice day and please, with beer, party and Taio Cruz; can I have those passes? 

Signing off 
Your's truly. 
 Steven Boo Chuwen (Certified 18 yo)