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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I think i ve lost a fren an irreplacable fren if i could just turn back de pendulum n go back in time who knws what might de future be..

I m sry dat i broke our frenship but i was really in a bad month ...
my life was like a living HEll i wish i could juz dissapear from life n let all suffering end...

BUt T.T dere were mny of frens like U, Chai Voon, Pei gin n many more dat kept me going on in life
I think nvr in all my life can i ever repay u all 4 de wonderful frenship u all gave to me lor...

I had de plan of changing skool seriously
i wanna go 2 -----> Saujana or Sentosa; to enjoy a peaceful n relaxing life nt like stressful n boring MBS haiz...

But den the thought of leaving my frens behind kept me back i will miss dem i think... no i know so.... why r there so mny decisions in life cant we just live life like a rpg game world where everything is set n nothing changes... how cool will life be if there are no crimes, no rules n no such thing as skool where all people are free to do what ever they want * not talking bout communism ok... i m talking bout a happy, enjoying peaceful life like those of a remote area but with out skools, rules n crimes but with technollogy...

well if u ask me, i would rather stay at a rural area where it s peaceful compare to staying in the city... i will juz stay there n who knows go fishing, hunting or mayb do some lovely stuff dere..
* not now or in the prime of my life mayb when i grow older n with saving i might just do that ...
ha ha who knows... i actually thought of going to the seaside area to live like hawaii...
wow dat would be cool... open a restaurant dere n everyday u meet new people n best is u get to go surfing all day long...

Well a hope is a hope, like they say the bigger it is, the harder they fall
so the bigger my hope is the greater the sorrow is...

* any 1 notice i ran from the topic badly ha ha ha
reading one piece lor so suddenly ran from topic

if war kills life den dun make wars, juz make love

i will like to end my post wif this apology

I m sry 2 vin tsen n apollogy accepted

c ya tomolo in skool...


means gud bye

quoted from vin tsen; live life to de fullest...


Suckiest day of my life

during tuition allan a took my phone n smsed something dat shud nt be smsed to gals simply larhx..
thank god de gal gave a gud reply lor...

den weixing u sucker took it n sms another gal de same thing but this time i got a bad response
wa kao eh... suck larhx u ken...

lucky she 4gif me lor in the end... ha ha ..

den i go home lor my mum force me to do work at de study room wa lan eh; dun wan wor but she force me lor T.T ha ha wat she dun knw is i sms wif frens n she nvr check me lor... ha ha ha....

den night de time, i continue sms wif chai voon den arr.. zha dou lor... she replied my sms wif de same message twice ha ha ha... nvr my larx dun laught at ppl de...

b4 sleep right i headache cant sleep i wanna bang my head on d wall lor ... but juz couldnt;y coz really bad headache cant move lor... so i let my fatigueness bring me to sleep lor...


omg bz n my mum come liao nid 2 off9 liao


means gud bye * almost got busted (edited ltr)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On Tuesday ; Funny incidents;Happy Tuesday day !

Ha ha today was a funny day, i go to skool den arr i go to SMK TTDI ( taman tun dr ismail)
during de recess ma, i was buying macaroni 4 myself n michele wor ; she say she no money so i buy 4 her lo >.<> she stare back <------ we rushed to de seat n i got it.... but she ran but ha ha ha she spilled it on de gal next to me wor >.< ha ha ha .... fish lar michele Tan haiz

so chou lou haiz...
we all laugh gao her.. even de victim also laugh gao gao together ha ha ha...

den arr de victim den spill her drink 0n de malay boy wor zha dou 1 day spill how mny times wor ha ha ha ...

den go back to choral speaking yeeee... sienz dao arr..
i sore throat wor... >.< so i juz move my lips onli ha ha dey didnt knw

den wor i go home arr dn go tuition lor -----> boring arrr

den i lent my phone to allan next thing while he plying arr weixing smsed me ha ha
suddenly got de begining of de song Home in my blog ... all people stared at allan ha haa

ha ha i laught till tears come out... T.^ ha ha...

kay kay end de blog 4 2day


means gud bye

Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunday was supposed to be a happy day ....

How did I fall from de ranks of great joy to pure sorrow ...

sorrowful day
my frens all went out wacth Movie in cinema, go outing wif frens n even enjoy the HEll out of dem selfs

i m sure/ mayb nt u r wondering wat i did at home...
BCP * blogging, chatting n promoting blog....
den i was bored so i called up a few of my frens

dis were the replies

Vivian : watching movie * waaa outing X cal me out...

MY cousin : Sry arr Kor went outing in de whole Kay L * treasure hunt wor.... n he had de nerve 2 tell me tomolo holiday 4 his skool

Anderson : hah a trusted fren, at 1st ask me dota i had to say no nt in de mood
den =___+" he ignored me n go dota dun wan reply me liao

Family : all go out in de morning thank god i didnt folo if nt my blog wont be updated liao didnt haf de HEart to leave dem alone after dey came back so stayed at home

Randy : ha ha lucky he visited my blog n left a message 4 me at d chat box ha ha loyal fren lyke de above meh* seriously nt G@y we went to de same PRS camp n became gud frens in a group 8 of us well i will soon haf to withdraw myself* hope nt, depends....

Alex (S'G) : ha ha another kind fellow 1st thing in de morning visited my blog, cant thank him enough but
mean fellow wont let me tagg him * wei ar let me tagg next time i buy u a meal...

Suit Yee : A nice gal but 2day x on9 dunno y lor 1st 2 visit my blog, congratz hope u n alex sty 2gether 4 eva, if he bully u tell me, i whack him gao gao... * hope i dun have 2..

Ern Khai : a very niceee fren .... went 2 de same BOSL camp n sat n slept bside me nt g@y every 1 had a roomie * thank god i didnt have 2 share with Alexander i will rather sleep outside den wif him...
Both of us nw emo MU losed .... huge fan of CR 7------> CR7 n MU 4 eva

Andrew : lyke dey say better late den nvr now as i update now onli he visit my blog cant blame de nvr inform him thanks man

c how miserable my life is , if it was nt becoz of some of them i will be in great pain thanks ya to those hu brightened my life


means Gud Bye

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mayb its weird but My L1f3 is full of 3vEnts

Mayb its weird but dis is 1 of my moz emo post
haiz i used to be frens wif a very nice gal den mny times i pranked her

well nt to serious de mayb i lie a bit, pull some pranks or mayb joke 2 much...
kay i sound lyke a jerk, or mayb a
gud-for-nothing-lying-prankster* sounds familiar ma

but den wor.. i swear to anything I nvr had de attention of breaking any gals HEart
itz juz sik man no way on Eearth will i do it...

now de stori begin

bent double like old beggars under sacks
knock-kneed coughing lyke hags we curse thru sludge
till on de haunting flares we turned our back

Ha haa~ ~ ~ jk onli
N0T LIE lar itz my life story

t' was a fine day* juz intro actually louzy day 4 me, sick gt 4 packs of medicine
* note dey make medicines bigger day by day

so i went to skool n i met dat gal wow she asked 4 de pix well i showed it to u all at my blog
i say i wont gif lor itz special coz no 1 had it so i had to keep it

wow dat day, she sms dat i broke her HEart i was lyke deng impossible
dat was juz a normal tease haiz
so sad i m used 2 b proud 2 say i nvr bully a girl, make them sad or anything its my policy u knw
den my believe was shattered as those words stabbed ------> thru my heart

y,why , whi is fate cruel 2 m3 wa kao eh
her name shud b in my gud fren list but now it entered my emo post waaaa
can some 1 end my suffering pls ....
T.T -------------> = ( -------------> : ( ------------> :C ----------------> : [ --------> T.T

great sorrow
den dere was another whom i went to Prs camp wif she broke my Heart n send me plunging in2
eternal darkness y, Why, wh1 is fate often cruel 2 me
dere 4 her name instead of entering gud frens list it will enter my emo post

normally strories begun wif a sad beginning n end wif a happy ending
wow guess wat mine is totally opposite is fate dat cruel 2 me

i was going to BTS berjaya t1me Square for alex my bro's b day, so we went bowling
i was to let him win de yes i did suddenly SHE came n waaaaa her action broke my heart wrenching it till its dry n nt pumping blood wow, I mean aaarrggh~~ i end up wiping my bro out at bowling 116 to 90+ i caught up from my 50 points, he had 60+ n beat him...

den sing K i onli spend 30 mins in dere other time i went 4 a walk to relieve myself of sorrow waaaaa y wont sorrow leave me alone

* i didnt spoke 2 her 4 d whole day
didnt wan to face her
i end up leaving early now dat's de onli thing dat worked out 4 dat day i th1nk. wait i know so...

if both of dem wanted to hurt me, well congratz both of u suceeded i hope ur both happy ....

juz a nobody

means gud bye
well she did try to cheer me up but i m still sad can any 1 guide me thru dis wait i knw wat ur thinking mayb she's evil hell yeah naaaaaaaa she juz misunderstood n hurt me by pure n really pure really cant be moore pure liao de accident coz She's my best fren* she's de 1st gal i hope so if she lie to me c ya mbs i m off to saujana or sentosa

Woked Up Haa haa .... arrr choo wa gao flu a dy

DUn wanna embrace reality dat how can MU lose To Nia ma Chelsea Haiz

Btw its a start of a new day i woke up like half dead


fever, sore throat n flu wa kao eh * shud nt have on de air cond 4 so long dam it

yesterday *early in de morning to be precise i chat wif an ex class mate ha ha dey very cute de unfortunately...
T.T shorter den me i think arr by 1 head

family went out i wanna stay at home ... yes!!! update blog

waiiiittt my breakfast how

dey left liao

its time 4 de maestro, chef, superb cook to conjure something up

-_- deep meditation * 5 mins

>.< eureekaa i think i ve got it

5 mins later
T.T a slice of cheese n 2 slices breads haiz veri cheap de breakfast
* preparation was like 1 min but deeply dissapointed 4 mins b4 started eating

den i wen updating my blog wa gao mny* n ok ok figure nt lyke 10 mil, soon lar but not y/Yet to people who've /n will visited/visit it thanks ya
* ps pls type in de chat box or leave a comment lar...

he he my fren dave , zha dao lar his sis logged in his messenger
LAme den she said to me she wanted 2 del3te some stuff so i say be my guest
ha ha pissed her off when i said " cool ur gonna delete his contacts?" she was said " urrgghhh, ur so sarcastic!" WAS I being Sarcastic?!?!

haiz bully small girl liao one of my daily chore is done BULLY SMALL GIRL

n dat leaves me with bullying same age or elder girls....
who leh?
SEan Ye3~~~

wait.... he's a boy

CHai V0on .....
naaaaa still not so happy bout wat she ve done haiz

Pei G1n

hmm can i th1nk
naaaaa she very faz On FIRE


I knw i will juz spend d whole day here updating quah my daily chores r from over
dis blog nids more stuff to grow Y, Y cant it juz write itself out very lan sien* dis word is used for entertaiment purposes only pls dun try it at any where.... * dun say i teach u de....

Ch1mo 4 those hu dun knw what it means

it means

gud bye* end of dis post liao

Deng still cant sleep

veri late liao still cant sleep

lets talk bout MAC ( Maplestory Association Council)

jk dat game kinda sux no offence

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang +___+"

it was a CWOT i really hope can do other stuff

complete waste of time

i did de choral speaking as i mentioned b4
3 smart alecs went to lepak n i replaced his role by shouting ooo~~~eee~~~ooo~~~ee~~~oooooo~~~~ twice

ma de i so wanna beng him
embarassing but thank god it was a success

(^.<) scared

de performance were ok cept de indian dance by some girls ha ha fished

fish coz dey go out unprepared n dunno wat to do haiz fish dao du lan dun wan say liao

den some perverted old geezer flashed gao me wa kao eh flash me make me lose focuss

haiz curse him but lucky he took a nice pix of me
>.< waxed my hair sooooo i let him go
dun ply ply my pix at least $10 mil.

PM wan my pix also wait 4 1/2 a year haiz
lucky geezer

den dey clapped hand when finished
i was de 1st to enter but last 2 exit ha ha
i was de COA
Centre oF Attention

me? no way, couldnt be, den hu else wor?

den went to room listen to song ha ha kacao yi ting another shorty but cute haha cute as ok ok not like dun think negative

bsides dat i kept calling de 6 feet + guy shorty ; hey stevn watch out he's like ur boss he can n might sack u
omg i better say sorry

naaaaaaa (hell yeah) we've been frens 4 so long now 4got liao how long
he dun mind de
waaa at dis rate i can join de olympics 4 blog writting event well last post 4 2day gud night (-_-) zzzzz

chimo means

gud night...

can t sleep due to after effects of a cappucino ice

Talk bout football Chelsea ply so rough haiz
got c ma MU people injured lyke siao unfairness reff WTF r u doing??
RED card for Chelsea player?? he injured RED Devils People wo

CR 7 i think he plyed in yesterdays match T.T sadness
didnt catch him in action

darn it Curse u Rain * nt singer but weather disrupt my services
so I slept
(-_-) zzzz

WOKE UP (>.<)

Look at de clock

Conclusion : I missed de Red Devils in action n i missed CR 7 in action waaaaaaaaa
dam rain* again its de weather =__+"

Btw : KCFC we challenging u to a match after exams lor >.< hu am I, I aM.K@ KUFC Manager (69)

major wet blanket, something sad or dissapointing

My capT@in, main plyer, striker aK@ Vin sane haiz... Chelsea Fan Pula
i owe him a meal wor coz Chelsea beat

y leh...
how 2 face dem de
chelsea fan ; i m surrounded by dem in class ...

on friday i semangat MU win, yesterday also semangat during de match semangat den all hope is

finally got girl support MU weee her name is in my gud fren list starts with E***** C**n
hah dats 1 thing Chelsea wont get ha ha

CR 7 n MU 4 Eva

Ha ha
Chokie boy yuanji_qiqi haiz make me zha dou +___="

Its F1nally de second day of my Blog

Y am i still sad n emotional


de red devils were defeated by d blue phantoms * crap onli to make it sound nicer

didnt catch de ending of the epic war between those titanic forces
MU VS Chelsea

Ballack is my arch enemy now he will die...
hated him yeeee gay hai from bhind header ball wo =_="

Alex another 1 earlier send in CR 7 sure can liao de, go sub wif some other sub haiz..
dun wan scold u de but u ... got CR 7 dun use wo use chap plang sub...

some 1 turn b. de pendulum i wanna save MU from Chelsea
my blog is growing i think yeeee haf to advertise sien askng frens to help me thanks

special thanks to: suit yee, Kai chi n others hu had n will support my blog
Disclaimer : no freebies were promised when u agreed to participate in the growth of dis blogg.
all rights are reserved by n 4 me terms n conditions apply for u all...

Naruto 398 out liao still boring no fighting scene blah blah blah history

Bleach latest out liao turn b. d pendulum 5 sux ma de no fighting scene me always talk de
F*** ing author sux

Still emo bout her n her
1 broke my heart another murdered my soul

y muz fate be cruel to me

it was said dat after a storm dere will be a rainbow but my storms are nvr ending
dis phrase has been copy-righted
pls do not spread it or distribute it tq
ur cooperation is most welcomed Tq
suan lia0 4 now

RED DEvils Lose to Chelsea T.T

RED DEVILS MUhow can Lose to Cheating Chelsea

Thanks to a F**king Ref MU Lose

CR 7 4 eva

MU will win dis season definetely

MU 4 eva...

Sad like hell lor MU lose to dem Rooney so yeng solo in n score but ref did not appreciate it he even gif unescessary fouls to MU on purpose ... T.T sadness

sad day T.T

y is she trying so hard to get de pix waaaa sadness she broke my heart n i cried out loud WHY?
didnt she knew those words stabbed right throught my HEARt for crying out loud
woke up b4 i go 2 skool wa kao i 4gt nid 2 wr formal s**T i went n iron but whoTF cares=
=_= zzz my mum she deng gao me n haiz.. ironing 4 de 2nd time

go 2 skool zha dou choral speaking haiz some "pros" went 2 mc to lepak
i end up doing his role >.< smart alec really

their nms r censored due 2 MbSSKl Inc. copy righted it
it will nt b published 4 national security purposes

went to ermmm **** cafe ate ice cream n drank capucino
zha dao veri ex. my wallet grew lighter a lot T.T $$ flew away T_T

Btw i learned a new word Ch1mo means

gud by3

ps> MU VS CHELSEA 2day must c