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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad Day


It's the end of the first week of college for me.
I've been so occupied with work that I forgot what I wanted to blog about.

I don't need a new template!
Till I learn how to; since I forgot how to.

A student wanted to change our Physics teacher by sending in a petition form.

Now that brings back memory went we got punished for starting a boycott against a teacher back in secondary school.

It's didn't work and even in later years in MBS, we tried sending several petitions to change several teachers since they kinda suck.

I'm Not mentioning names here so don't quote from me anything.

Simply to say that all our attempts failed pathetically since it's a self-protecting-society-that-bullies-the-weak,stu***s democratic society.

But, not all are like that.I still respect some due to their righteousness and integrity and reject "admire" those with awesome "righteousness and integrity".

I'm still Not mentioning names here, you know who you are.
Don't quote anything from me.

By the way, I kept repeating the phrase above because many of my friends got quoted and were in trouble.

Anyway, resuming back to college MY life, I walked from Tesco to IOI mall which took me about 15 minutes.

Bought a pink shirt and went home straight.
While walking from Kinara; since the bus won't go further, the weather was fine and breezy that made me wanna walk for a while more raining heavily and I got drenched from top to toe.

Lucky, my phone remained dry and my books too.
But, I could have purposely accidentally dropped my files into a puddle and tell Ms. Goh all my homework was gone and requested for more time to complete them or maybe find an excuse to avoid completing them.

By the way, I kinda enjoyed myself in Wisma Harapan where I did Community Service with friends. I'm going to be there next Friday.
Heck, I'm might be going there tomorrow before heading to YMCA.

Still, I will decide on those later.
That's all for now
The Life and Time of An Empty Soul

I feel so empty that I made the Grand Canyon seem full.
Signing Off

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Slipping Through Time

Like a grains of sand, time slips by me quickly.
Feeling emptiness in all things that I partake in.

My friend is leaving soon and probably won't meet her till half a decade later.

I'm not sure what to do, should I go say good bye later on today or should I just stay home and intoxicate myself with alcohol till I achieved numbness?

I promised myself that I would never walk that path which caused me my form 4 year end results and my future as well; ASEAN scholarship but I cannot fight it.

Life is too taxing this way, which resulted in alcohol intake to drown the misery away and feigning a jolly look to avoid people from noticing the sorrow in me.

I hate smiling often or for no reason but some how it is ethical to society.
Let me ask then what's there to smile if everyday is the same shade of Grey to me?

I feel cold, not literally but metaphorically, having a family whom you keep secrets from is supposed to be normal for teenagers. But, I'm not just keeping a secret or secrets but a alternate life they never knew.

It's pain you know.
Other people have/had their family to support them while my own family; not just don't support, but are against it.

I kept my fair share of problems from people but that doesn't mean I'm trouble free.
Mentioning Church to my mum is like 5 times worse than,"Mum, I Wrecked your car."
this phrase.

Darn it.
I feel numb.
Pointlessly wandering KL but never feeling satisfied.

Signing off.
I see that same cloud raining over me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ranting Spree

My Uncles' wedding just passed.
It was on a beautiful Sunday, 3rd January 2010.
I was not over-excited or filled with enthusiasm..

I wanted to rush off to meet a friend who's going soon.
I skipped everything during the ceremony.

I'm going to start work next week on Monday.
Wish me luck; hopefully I will get a nice boss and not a cheap skate good for nothing selfish boss.


Hoping for a Humanitarian boss who's against usage of adolescence work force; allowing me to chill the whole day.


I am fantasizing these impossible things.

Went to school today; felt weird because I was wearing casual today and that my mum actually said,"Son, don't go to school today."

It's the first time my mum say skip the first day of school.

Said Hi
to teachers and messed around in school awhile till i left for Mid Valley.

Watched a movie.

Try to regconise this phrase,
"Mam, I need you to trust me on my profession and remain calm as my release depends on it."

Yup, It's the famous detective from Baker Street.
Sherlock Holmes.

Awesomeness doubled and snowballed till the end.
Cliff Hanger.
Bloody director.


Well bye then

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's allover after 11 years of schooling.

SPM examination is gone for good.
But till now,I'm no good with good byes.

I hated good byes.
Soon, a good friend will be leaving to a distant place for further studies.
She is the first among our group to make such decision.

She changed a lot while I stay glued to the past.
Hate good byes, will not participate in photo taking sessions, and hated to bond with people.

Picture brings back nostalgic memories, good byes mean reminiscing about the past while bonding means risk of getting hurt or heart broken is there.

Trust is something to be earned and I hate losing it.
Every one treats me very well there.
WHC members are my friends, maybe family.
But, I'm not a good person. I have been living a life of hypocrisy. One day you all might realise that I'm a good-for-nothing-selfish-jerk-who-cares-about-nothing-but-himself kind of a person.

Then what?
I fear that might happen.
In school, I joke around and am free to be myself but at WHC i feel that I have to keep a good image; not wanting to let all of you down.

You all matter a lot to me that I will never prank you all.
But, at times I really want to make a funny remark but am afraid of being judged because I feel that you all might think of it as being inappropriate.

I really don't want that friend to go away.
But, who am I to stop that friend's decision.

I'm just some punk.
maybe even worse.

Good bye, Bon Voyage.

Sadness shades me from reality.