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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camwhore 18SX

Oh yeah, the title says everything. But I didn't take pictures of myself only. But of my click as well.

5 only, since there are 5 of us.
Do note the shirts' colors.

Bunch of stalkers can't let a guy do his business in private.

Everyone doing their business together, can you feel the love?

Constipation @.@

By now perhaps you might have realized something?

No doors and walls.

Cheers to our new toilet to promote 1 Malaysia and you wouldn't have to worry if your cubicle ran out of toilet paper. The guy beside yours can give you some.

Pictures above were from a camwhore session, no privacy was invaded and all models were 18 already. Pictures above are not meant to be distributed.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friends Are Hard To Find

I know I can be rude at times. And the desire to win can be over whelming and I know for sure that I am a jerk.

I realized that I am a hypocrite in the end. I had a long debate with Vince

He made me realized something no one in College could could. He showed me that a true friend actually goes the distance to help you. I never knew his side of the story until today.

I have a confession.
I think I am a bloody hypocrite and it's life perhaps.

I am a polite person but I am more polite to strangers. Who doesn't?
I realized that I don't say thanks to my mom when she fetched me to places, well not every time but I do say thanks to taxi drivers. Ironic?

I realized that friends who go the distance for you are amazing and rare. I had misjudged him badly. I often thought it was his ego that made him decline stuffs from me. Dam, I suck.

I also realized that I am a bloody stubborn person, and yes he is dam right about it.

Vince surely nailed it when he said I was stubborn.

I guess I am pathetic as a friend. How I let him down and I was sort of angry at him for missing out once when I missed out on him so bloody many times including our first outing together.

I deliberately walked out on him to go to CC with a bunch of friends whom weren't as close as us but offered something more tempting. Vince was always there went I needed a consult, let it be love, studies, religion or personal stuff. But what have I done to repay him? Nothing.

He'd even offered to buy me a drink just to see me and I'd failed him. I seriously am pathetic. No wonder my mom said to me why can't I be more like Vince.

She was right from the start. Vince emphasized on studies but I indulged myself in fun. So much for being a teacher's son. Oh the darn irony.

I realized that I am lucky but not appreciative at all. If Vince had my perks, I bet he could have made full use of it. But he didn't and didn't take advantage of things at all.

I often wished that I could impress Vince and be and equal to him. Because I sort of felt inferior when I stood beside him (not in terms of height) Brain mattered over Brawn. So, I tried to offer him perks like I'd get to be on his nice list. Well, I am not Gay but I felt that Vince was a good friend I didn't want to lose. I felt that he was awesome and I was secondary to him, it was like he's a great guy and I am like a nerd following him.

But I misinterpreted that feeling and thought that I was still secondary to him when all the while he called me friend. That we are both equals. I assumed that he thought of me being inferior and that prompted me to try to beat him at his game. But I was wrong.

He is right. We are both friends and I couldn't bear to lose him as a friend. I was wrong and now I have this to say to you Vince.

Signing off, feeling lucky to have Vince as a friend.

Live Life With No Regrets

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Breaking news, Tekken the movie is about to be released.

I had an interesting conversation with my friends and lecturers the other day.

Me: Hey sir, Tekken is coming out soon, are you planning on watching it?

Sir: Of course, it will be a great movie.

Dan: Bet, it would be like Street Fighter movie, just lame.

Sir: No, Dan. Street Fighter is for children while Tekken is for adults. That show's
how awesome Tekken is.

Now, I am determined to watch Tekken more than ever.

To be honest, I didn't play Tekken on Play Station nor PC as well.
But, I've seen it played by my friends so frequently and sometimes they can go on talking about Tekken all day long that finally, I was attracted into Tekken-ism (copied from Rain-ism, from the LG Cookie Monster Event Gift which I received)

I took pictures with Rob from Nuffnang and Kenny Sia

Missed the chance to take with Timothy.

Any ways, back to Tekken. I guess I can't compete with Tekken-die-hard players because I didn't get the opportunity to play it often. I am being honest here, any one can search through wikipedia for info about the game and pretend that they are die hard fans of the game but I know I am not a die hard fan but I liked one character at least.

I like Jin.
Ok, most bloggers they do a summary about Tekken games from Tekken 1 to Tekken 5. But I am not going to do that, instead I am going to give an analysis about his life.

Jin is a character that deserves respect. He took no short cut in getting his way to the top. People fight for glory,fame and power but he was different. He fought to take revenge for his mom. Perhaps people might argue that taking revenge is wrong but come on, if your mom was killed, and she was the only family you have, I would have had a nervous breakdown already but he faced it bravely and tried to seek out the man responsible for his mother's death.

Jin fought with spirit, you can see the passion in his eyes. To be that good, he practices hard and it sparks a will in me to strive to work hard. He was the underdog in the Iron Fist Tournament and became the people's favorite.

Alright, I can't go on anymore since I don't play much of the game but I know Nuffnang choice of movie would be great since they have uber cool taste for the LG Cookie Monster Party.

Please, I really do want to watch Tekken.

Signing off, with hope and puppy dog eyes.
I love Nuffnang~~

Friday, July 23, 2010

Boredom Results In Crazyness.

Today I walked back to MBSSKL from MCKL.

View Larger Map

Do adjust the map to see how far I walked, the buttons on the map works.

But that's not the point, I am inviting Najib

I am also inviting SNSD

And finally I am going to invite Barack Obama

And I wouldn't forget fellow MCKL-ians who were desperate to get invited as they are welcomed there, since MBS students attended Bible Knowledge in our college.

But that's still not the main point.
I have breaking news, my friend is interested in Innit

She asked me to explain the details about Innit

Well, I am promoting her blog as well, so do visit hers as well since I am getting paid by her to promote her blog because I am helping her as a friend. She's got curves and she packs a mean punch, I felt it today

that probably looked familiar to her family when she was an infant.

She has a couple of videos stored for you all which might just make your day.
Here's the link and do enjoy.
Kai Shin

She's currently single

Bet she might show me an annoyed look when she's reading this.

Alright, enough of her now it's my turn to shine.
Remember the map earlier, there's going to be a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amazing event

It's the

Do try to make it if your free or Bored or want to see girls in wet Ts coming out of the dunking machine.

But that's not the main thing.
The main thing is I am going to sit on the machine.
Yes, me, yours truly.

I am going to be sitting on that machine (Picture is just an example)
But I bet all of you will suck at throwing and I will be dry you don't want to dunk me right? You all love me right?

Fine. Give me your best shot. But if you miss~~

I will jeer at you, Loser. Just kidding. No, I am serious here, I will laugh out loud at you.

So, practice now for the few hours you have. And note I will be on the machine for a limited time only. So, do your best.

Honestly, I am not afraid of MCKL-ians since their aim kinda sucked lousy, from previous experience at the Games Carnival.
It's their cheating ways I am afraid off. They might actually push the target to make me fall.

Alright, ending it here. Remember, do visit Kai Shin

Lastly, what ever you do, don't annoy her or she might eat you up alive she a nice person just a bit busy at times, remember patience is a virtue

Bet she's going to kill me for this thank me gracefully.

Signing off. Remember visit or I will post your links on the next post and she will stalk you you're crushing the dreams of a new blogger.

Remember, Inniters stick together. Bye.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apology and Compensation

My previous post was a disaster. You don't know what's a disaster?

That is a disaster but not as bad though.

This is another disaster, but still not on par with the one I had.

and we have this as well, though not as bad.

And finally we have this, but still it's not as bad as what I've been through.

So what if Earth goes because of a comet? My previous post proofs to be far more disastrous if compared to a colossal, several tan metric outer space rock hurling directly at us. Mine is 10 times worse.

Yeah, I know. What could be worse than the annihilation of the human race and Earth?
Well, sit back and be prepared for I have found the answer.

Chill. The worse thing that could ever happen to me is pissing off my Innit Friend, Jady Cloud. I know people are desperate for me though I reject them a lot often interested with titles like Porn/XXX/18+/Adults Scandals, Revealing the Truth and Dirty Little Secrets but I can't reveal much about Vince although he's mine because he needs his privacy.

Therefore, I would like to apologize with this post.

Perhaps I am not as good as Vince in terms of blogging, but let me share some of my secrets as a compensation? I dislike pissing off people, especially females because it's a sin. You know, it should be the 11th commandant, Thou shall not anger any female companion.

Well, enough with that I am going to tell stuff about myself.

My name is Steven Boo Chuwen (yes, the surname might seem funny)

I am 18 years old.

I am currently single, but not available at the moment.

I am interested in guys girls.

I love Coffee.

I never drink alcohol. I hate love alcohol, to the max. You'd name them, Vodka, red wine, white wine and my favorite is Kahlua.

My virginity Bar-ginity was taken by Vince and I had Kahlua.

I love to draw, given the opportunity.

I can't drive YET because I am lazy.

I love to make orders for delivery cook, and I don't care if you think guys shouldn't cook.

Music is my soul.

I bark with sarcasm when threatened and bite with sharp words when cornered.

I never told the truth never told a lie. Except this and a few hundred more.

I have a secret crush on Vince someone but shrugs it off as nothing.

I love B.B. Big Balls/Big Breast basketball.

My ideal girl needs to be a replica of Megan Fox, rich, smart, beautiful Herself and smile more often.

I am a Christian, Amen.

I often think too much and get into trouble.
Explains my white hair?

Better me than you is what I always tell myself.

At least I am alive? Joking, I rather work my butt off for you.

I have superior complex, what are you noobs looking at? inferior complex.

I change for the sake of people whom I cared about.

I used to be a afraid of insects but braves through it.

I am a hypocrite.

Me: Oi, line up la.

Felon : Sorry lor.

Me: Hey, L**e, buy me that.

Felon stares in disbelief.

I tell people my secrets but not one but many. Only a couple of people knew everything about my life. They mean a lot to me. Vince is among those who know the most.

I am Gay happy when I am with my friends because I get to bully them I get to chill out with them.

I've been inside the Casino in Genting Highlands and even managed to gamble at a table.

I am Kenny Sia, in disguise a procrastinating person.

If there's any question you want to ask me, leave a comment. If it's too personal, I will not reply to your question because I need my space too.

Well, here's stuff about me. Hope you will be able to learn my way of living because this is my world and you're just living in it be able to know me better.

Signing off.
Live Life With No Regrets

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vince92 Scandal Revealed

Vince's in the picture, find him.

Look at the picture, perhaps frequent bloggers can spot Vince out in a flash but for new bloggers you have to know him, for he will be the future Vince of Nuffnang, when Kenny Sia retires?

Perhaps not today or the near future, but it's possible that one day Vince will be in control of Nuffnang being the head honcho.

We might be the henchman kissing Vince's hand to show respect for Don Vince (note Vince plays a mafia game)

So a conversation with Vince would probably sound like this.

Don Vince takes a deep breath and speaks in a deep voice,"What do you want from me?"

Me, stammering," I..I... would like to apply for blogging license from you."

Don Vince takes his sweet time and decide. If he likes you.

With that gesture, you're safe to blog.

But if you get this instead

Then perhaps we might have to stop blogging because he might end it with a sentence.

You better stop blogging for you will be sleeping with the fishes, Kapish?

Alright I should stop stating the obvious exaggerating.

Now for the moment we've been waiting for.

Vince92's secrets and life behind innit and nuffnang, the real him.
Let me start with Vince92 is .... a boy and not a girl, bet all you didn't see that coming right?

He is 81 18 years old this year.
He is G@y straight with 3 wives (as far as I know)

He likes to blog. Did you know Vince92 is on Innit Nuffnang?

I would love to spill more juicy secrets about him but he's my brother and I can't betray him, can't I? He supports Chelsea Manchester United.

Vince92 and I met when we were teenagers babies

Obvious I am the winner of our first bonding session.
And I am taller than him too.

Vince will so kill me if he sees this Our friendship is above everything and he wouldn't mind me sharing some stuff about him.

Did you know Vince92 recent post hit 110+ nangs on Innit Nuffnang and that he's a sesame blogger nicknamed Elmo.

Look how cute Vince92 is.
Vince92 is a beer person, he dislikes wine except VSOP or Cognac while I am a Vodka person.

Obviously Vodka is the better choice here right? If you disagree I will make you drink Vodka till you love it.

Ok, I don't want to destroy his privacy shouldn't continue because I believe he will tell you everything? Maybe?

Or you can plead to me and I might reveal some juicy info about him.

Signing off.
Email me if you want to know what type of Bra he likes~~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Friendship and Death

It was many years ago, more than a decade when I first knew Max. He was bright and radiated joy to me. He made me happy as a friend as we hung out a lot. We played the whole day and we shared many memories together.

But today, I came home and was told that he passed away. My best friend passed away and I wasn't there to see him off. If only I had knew, I would have rushed to see him one last time, before he breathed his last.

Many years went by and the bond between us are strong and I was reluctant to cry in front of my family members. I wished I can cry out but I don't want to let my family member know that I am unhappy, so I quietly went to my room.

I remember I played pranks on him quite often but he was a forgiving friend. He Never hold grudges against me nor hate me for those seemingly never ending pranks. He remained committed to me as a friend and I often took that for granted.

Little did I know that soon I will regret it for life and today was the day. He went off and I didn't get to see him. Why? He was nice and never hurt a fly, why did he have to go?

But recently, I didn't really spend time with him because of other stuffs in life. We hardly spent time together even though he wanted to. I know he wants to spend time with me but dared not disturb me. I was a total jerk to him taking his kindness for granted.

Great attitude you fool, he's gone and there's nothing you can do about it. I mean I realised I broke lots of promises made to him but he never show anger at me. I mean it he never showed anger but I could see the warmth of friendship from his eyes until I started to isolate myself from him. Day by day, if we met, I saw sorrow growing in his eyes but he tries his best to cover it with a smile.

I am a fool and a jerk. I never expected him to die so suddenly like that. Oh I forgot, he showed his anger once when I went over board and pushed him too far. Well, I was really mean at that time, serves me right.

I remembered I broke his leg a few years back when I was playing with him. He never gained full control of his leg and it hurt him every time it rained. I felt dam guilty and realised that I suck as a friend and he was the definition of an amazing friend.

I really miss him now but people tend to cherish their loved ones when they are gone. If only I had spent more time with him, apologize for the shit I've put him through and fulfilled my promises.

But bottom line is, I didn't and that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
Good bye dear friend, may you rest in peace.

Live Life With No Regrets (Ironic Much)
Signing off.
Till we meet again.

Monday, July 19, 2010


300 million people can't pronounce this word but if you can you're awesome. This is an example of stupid-good-for-nothing survey some idiot put on Facebook likable pages.

Well, I have one thing to say to the page moderator.

Well, this will be only extreme vulgar usage since I couldn't get a better picture to show my anger towards those moderators.

Why? This is why.

These surveys are lame and will cost you money.

Besides, they don't even work in Malaysia, most of them don't. If they do, their charges are cut throat prices.

It's a pretty girl luring you towards her.

And you will be like this.

Finally, the kill joy arrives. Which will probably turn your awed look into this.

When you realise she has a bulge in her pants. That was what I kinda felt. Total let down, when they lure you with interesting facts or stuff and ends up with nothing.

Facebook should ban these pages because they are misleading and a waste of time.
There are worse pages. The moment you click on them, it automatically sent invitations to that page to your whole contact list (so much for privacy)

Next is salesman or insurance seller. I don't hate them for doing their job. But seriously, sometimes they just cross the line. I was having my meal at a mamak stall.

Note Mamak Stall

I was enjoying my meal happily there because I was hungry at that moment. If you tried to reach for my drumstick.

I would have roared and bitten your hand off, now you know never stand between a hungry man and his food.

And this Ah Beng look person came to my table and sat down without asking my permission.

I was shocked and angry but refrained myself from being rude.

I ignored him and continued eating. Then he did what I expected a typical person like him would do, he disrupted my meal.

I was furious, how dare you disturb me while I am eating. But I didn't want to be rude and told him that I was eating and do not like to be disturbed. He smiled and told me he will only disturb me for 5 minutes only.

5 minutes only
I just told him I wished to be left in peace.
OMG, can't he understand simple English?

Fine, he was so determined to convince me to join his English course program. And the irony was, I was speaking better English than him. He kept stammering while trying to explain the perks of attending his course.

I wanted to tell him these.

But I didn't want to ruin my mood. So I smiled as he continued his explanation.

Can't you feel the warmness from my smile? I totally hated "enjoyed" his interruption of my meal.

Finally he left.

But wait. I realised he took an additional 5 minutes from my time and he delayed my schedule. Just great. He shall pay.

But finally I get to eat in peace. And I seriously hope not to have such experiences again.

Live Life With No Regrets
Signing Off~~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Of Weekend and BOREDOM?

It's a Saturday and most people including adults who finally get a rest from the stressful weekday will probably look like this on Friday.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Duh, everyone turns into an animal becomes happier when the weekend is here. Why? This is why.

Crazy boss/teachers/lecturers/superiors demanding for illogical proportions of work done or perhaps not understanding enough to know that we are just humans who tend to make mistakes. But that's not the point here, I am the main topic here. Today is Saturday and guessed how I felt?

I was bored and No I am not having a hung over Vince from the shooter I took. I drink it everyday at home until I finished it home. I have no idea why but I am actually hating weekends even though I am getting some time off from college days. Everyone who reads this probably dropped their jaws in amazement/disbelief.

Close your mouth before a fly flies in. So what if I hate weekends, I may be different but it's nothing wrong. Some people I know don't own a Facebook Account till now. It's call self-principle and I have this to say.

and please do not stray off looking at those curves. I am trying to stress on Respect.

Alright, back to me now. I just dislike the weekends, it's not that I am committing murder.

Wait, I am showing you what's a murder and now I will show you what I did.

I was having sex sleeping the whole day. Did you think of something naughty? Bet you did. If you didn't well go look at girls/guys more often.Just kidding, it means you're abstaining from these kind of stuffs. Good job.

Well, I slept through the day. Perhaps it's a psychological thing? Am I having stress? Well, No, I am perfectly CALM

No, you don't belief? Take a look yourself.

Look how calm I am? Ok, that was just for fun.Now this is the real one.

I am emo meditating, Ok.
So I am in need of medical and psychological treatment perfectly fine.
Oh, and there's the fact that I broke my leg/hand/dick Glasses.

but I am not to worried about it because it will finally give me the opportunity to try these instead.

I might buy these to wear instead and there's the fact that my mom knows doesn't know.

I just hate weekends. It separates me from my friends.

Ok, I am lazy to go further already.

Live Life With No Regrets.
Signing Off.