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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Everthing Atleast Once

Su Goi!!!!

Kawaai desu!!!!

These were the things that came up to my mind went this guy came up to our table and sat with us;he told us this. Watashiwa Soh Fook.

Ngo Dui lam jor tiu yao
yi kar yew jiok chou

Which meant, he killed someone and needed cash to travel to somewhere to lay low.
Well. He needed cash from us but he wasn't going to ask from us nor snatch it.

Try and guess how he wanted the money.
Yes, by now you should know.

I was robbed!
I meant the three of us were robbed.

Where you might ask?
Well, we were robbed at home ....
Somewhere in public

It was at Mc Donald near Mydin at the 2nd floor.
The feeling was Su Goi!!

You think so too?
Just pulling your leg(s).

It was horrible.
We were baffled.
I wanted to fight him but ....
same story from almost everyone; What if he has AIDs? or He has a knife/weapon?

Fine, sat there helplessly as three teenagers got blackmailed.
He asked us how much we got?
I lied with RM2-3 while Vince and Jun Bin said RM10.

He took their money and left.
Note this, he said he will return the money.

Lol.When pigs fly perhaps.

We left that Mc Donald and went to a nearby Mc Donald.
Guess who we met again as the cashier there.




a plain cashier standing there asking us for our order.
Lol. This is just a joke.

We sat there real scared in case we might bump into him again or in this case him bumping into us. We ate and decided to leave that place quickly to find Vivian because Vince needed to see her to get something back.

Thank God Soh Fook didn't follow us.
We kept making fun of his name. Lol.
Then, anytime some taxi or car pass by we kept joking about the driver being Soh Fook coming back to return our money.

Yeah, fat hopes.

I mean what is wrong with society nowadays.
By the way, you should read what our parents said to us.

Jun Bin's Dad: LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!
-my reaction after hearing the reply was -_-0

-No comment

Finally, I saved the best for the last.
My Mum: You bunch of cowards! Can't even take down one man? Pathetic!

That was my version. Lol

The real one is this one.
"You should have screamed!"
"Noob kia!"
"Throw something at him!"
"Quickly run!"

-reply for no.1, He might pull a weapon out.
-reply for no.2, I would laugh myself to dead if she said that.
-reply for no.3, same like no.1
-reply for no.4, he had an accomplice waiting at the stairs or downstairs.

But if you were in our shoes, what would you have done?

Choice A
-coward but smart-

Choice B
Fight Back
-brave but stupid-

Choice C
-coward and stupid-

Choice D
-coward,smart but no loyalty to friends-

Choice E
Talk Some Sense Into Him
-stupidest move;he planned to rob you, do you think he has any moral value left?-

Choice F
Deny Having Money
-better than choice E but not good because your giving him the chance to search you-

Lol.I chose choice A and E.
Although I almost picked choice B.

We didn't really thought of choice D.

So there you have it the story of how three teenagers got robbed blackmailed by one guy who may actually be blowing water.

Come to think of it, we were pathetic but smart.

Signing off.
Oh yeah, we even joked about this.
Picture this.
We meeting Soh Fook there in Mc Donald again.
And our response will be like this,"You again!!!"

If happens again
"Oh, How are you?"

"Sit down,Let me buy you a drink."

Lol, right?

Well really signing off now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What would you do if he appears at your wedding?

I copied from my friend

Purpose of Life? I need To Know


All these were/are words that pop-up into my mind.
Firstly, apologizing to Vin Tsen
"Dude, I ran out of credit as well."

Back to topic.
Purpose of Life.

Question 1
"Why am I here?"

Choice A
Your parents were the reason you are here.
-True right?

Choice B
To glorify God in which we are made in the image of him where we exist to honour him and follow his way and do things which are pleasant in his eyes.
-True also. But from a Christian's point of view.

Choice C
I don't know. Your There because your there. (La)!
-If your not sure then this should be your answer.

Choice D
Karma; your reincarnated.
-For other religions who believe in this.

Well my answer would be a combination of A,B and C.
But why am I here?
This question isn't solved yet.

I go to a good school; MBS Monkey Boys' School
I mean Mehthodist Boys' School.

I got things like clothes, handphone, accessories, and computer with a laptop.

Yet, I'm not that happy with my life.
Things just don't feel right.

I wanted to go to W.H.C. today.
But my mum stopped me from going out.

Finally told her that I wanted to meet David in Parkson.
She drove me there.



Me-------->Cab ; from Parkson


Pathetic right?
Just want to go out only but I have to resort to this.
If your thinking that I'm pathetic; try being in my shoes?

And we will see who has the last laugh!

I came up with this on my way there.

Disorientated+Emo = Steven

Disorientated+Emo+Bored = Steven Boo

Disorientated+Emo+Bored+Misery = Steven Boo Chuwen

Steven Boo Chuwen = Me

I = Disorientated+Emo+Bored+Misery

Simplify it,
I = Disorientated+Emo+Misery+Bored
Almost spelled D.U.M.B.
except for the 'E' Lol.

Claps x3
Followed by Standing Ovation.
And finally words of relieve,
"That Idiot (ME) realised he's Dumb or in this case Demb.

Continuing back the story.
I went there to see my friends.

I reached there and sat beside her.
We chatted for like 1 hour ++.
It was awspiring. ps; refer 1st post about WHC to find out what's awspiring.

Then, I blundered.
-Blundered is a term where you describe the situation where you made an error in your interpretation or strategy. Commonly used in Chess games.

Ps. I'm not a walking dictionary nor did I memorised a dictionary.
I made her teared her eyes.

At that point, if she were to cry, God knows what I will do.
She teared her eyes and I felt like crying to.
Seeing her so sad brings me back sad memories of the past.

By the way, it turned out better I think so I will end this story here.

Another thing that caught my mind is Regret.
The word Regret is a very powerful word which affects everyone's life.

A feeling of grief over an action,speech or anything;whether the effect is onto self or others.


Regret and emo come's in a pair.
Did you notice that?

Well, I did!!
It was in the past where my mum would scold me and stuff, or even give me the cold shoulder treatment where I would regret my actions or speech.

While regretting, I tend to be emo without realising it.
Conclusion; Emo accompanies regret.

But why am I such an emo person?

According to Psychological analysis.
A person becomes Emo because of biotic factors in his surrounding which includes childhood experiences, life style and values instilled in him.

According to Philosophers' quote,
A person becomes sad when he or she allows himself or herself to be that way.

But what if I am emo because it is me?
That I was borned EMO?

Note the title of my blog.
Misery Follow's Me.

Won't it be cool?
You heard about the Angel of Death?

Well, I am the Angel of Grief.
"Su Goi!!!"


By the way, my problems accumulate because I let them.
I don't want to let go of the past.
I don't want to forget things that occurred in the past.

I have never opened up so frankly with anyone, not even my mother until today.

for letting me lose some of my emo'ness.
By the way, my blog isn't that good.
You should read blogs from
Those blogs there are cool.

But if you do read those blogs there,
Do visit mine to show your support?
Without friends, I am nothing but a trapped canary in a cage.

With all of you, I can spread my wings and fly away into freedom.


Well, that's all for now.
Good luck to those taking SPM trial.
And May God Bless those who had their exams.

And to Evelyn, may God bless you on your Add Maths.
Seriously don't want to see you Emo about that.
Moreover, Emo is my thing and you can't have it.

Live Life With No Regrets.
AngelofGrief ;(

Monday, August 17, 2009


It was supposed to be a beautiful day but it turned out wrong.
Just like the saying goes, do not count your chicks until they hatched.
Don't be to sure of something until it is firmly gained or grasped.

I woke up earlier on Sunday.
Surprisingly I did not feel sluggish but I felt energized and dashed to the bathroom to clean up.
Then, the hard part.
Choosing what to wear.
Ps. My wardrobe was like a jungle of clothes and it was quite hard to find the nice ones which was among the normal clothes.

Pissed off that I could not locate the clothes that I wanted I went to my second "wardrobe" and took a set of clothes from there and put them on.

Then, it was time for me to pack my bag.
Placed the most important book inside with Physics and stationeries.
Ran down the stairs and saw my mum sitting there.

I told her I was leaving but she said NO yes but drink a glass of milk first.
I was like -_-0
Fine, I took the carton and pour milk into my mouth until I feel as though i drank one cup.
Ps. I didn't touch the top with my lips nor mouth.

She didn't realise; for if she did, I would get another lecture from her.
But why not?
Just don't touch it and don't spill.
You save on water to wash the glass that you were supposed to use. LOl; Joke.

Was going out till I realised, "where's my handphone?"
I ran up to get it.
Went down again to go out.
Then, "crap" I forgot my wallet.
Ran up to look for it.
Find - Find - Find
Can't find.

Mum'"Can't find then no need to go!" -_-0

Finally found it.
In my bag, in a zipped compartment. -_-00
Ok, time to go.

Wait I forgot something again.
Oops, realised i had my watch on my wrist already.

For the ... time, I'm leaving and decided,to go now.
House ---> Bus Stop;09.15 am already.

I was +_-
No difference from last week.
Later actually.
So I thought about it carefully.

Choice A
Take bus
Bus Stop ---> Bus Station
20 mins

Bus Station ---> Sunway Pyramid
30 mins

Sunway Pyramid ---> W.H.C.
10 mins

Others ; Traffic jam and passengers
20 mins

Total time: 1 hour and 20 mins

9.15+ 1 hour and 20 mins = 10.35 ++ am

Choice B
Sure reach on time 100%

Choice B was taken due to lack of time.

Reach there early.
Felt left out.
Read newspaper and realised MU vs Birmingham.
Btw. MU won 1-0
But Liverpool lose to Totenham. Superfragelisticexpealledocius,which also means Wow
PS; spelling might be wrong.

But Liverpool lose, the fact that they lose their first game.

Back to the main point.
I went through Main service.
Today Pastor Isac was there.
Wonderful speech.

I sat infront because I was early.
Then. realised, Evelyn and Emmely were sitting behind.
Should I reserve sits for you infront next time?

Then, lunch.
As expected, budgetting was my main issue here.
But fatigue was getting on me.
Bought 3 cups of coffee to actually get rid of sleepiness.
But Ben's grandmom came and gave me a meal again.

My heart ache to see such kindness showered upon me.
Please don't be too nice because the more I grow attached to something, the harder the dissapointment is.
That's why I don't really socialise all out unless there's a gurantee we can meet continuously.

Then, I told her that I felt that it wasn't right to take things for granted.
She said it's ok and said it was a blessing from God.
I wanted to cry there and then but I restrained myself from doing so.

Then, it rained.
I felt like going back before it became too heavy.
Justin offered to send me home and send me to W.H.C. on Sunday.
I was >.<
your too nice man.
But i don't want to trouble any one.

It may have been your way to help people
But it's my fault actually; my family's way of life
There's no free lunch in this world.

And this was my way of life
until you all proved me wrong.

My principle of life was wrong.
Such kindness do exist in this world.

Then, Evelyn said she can't stay for Youth.
Which she contradicted herself later. Lol.

I, then left.
It rained when I was half way there and I got drenched.
Yeah, that's punishment? For being rude?
I will take it for my misconduct and behaviour.

Took a cab and wondered.
What is this feeling that is inside me?
I prayed for an answer.

When I was there dazing off, it struck me that this feeling is real.
But, who am I kidding.
NO way it would happen.
Pessimistic attitude.

Realised this today. (MONDAY)
Was listening to "When I'm Gone" by Simple Plan.
Then this phrase caught my attention.
"Misery Needs Company, so So... Long when I'm Gone..."
Yes,I agree to that.

Misery needs company and that's me.
And So Long to all of you if I don't see you all next week and for some time.

Then Eric spoke to me about Family, Associates and Kindness.
He made me realised this.

People who are kind are rare.
People who help you are good.
People help you when things are good.
But will people help you when they are facing problems themselves?

I said,"Yes"
He said,"Don't be naive"
Me -_-0

I constantly disobey my parents' by going there.
He asked,"Which is more important family or God?"
I was perplexed by that Question.
Couldn't answer.

HE asked me this,"You enjoy yourself with people from W.H.C. right?But if you were to choose between them and your family?

I replied,"We are one big family there.

His reply,"Blood is thicker then water for family but those people have no blood relation to you.

What can I do?
Disobey my family members? or Stop going to W.H.C?
We must honour our parents and God! as said by God.
But if you must choose between one side?

Good bye.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Second Happy Sunday XD

Guess where I went today?
That's right I went back to the same place like last week.
Only this time I knew the way there although I was late.
Ps. (The bus was slow and there was a slight traffic jam on the way)

Went in late but like they said, Better late then never.
Saw Evelyn and Emmely singing on stage. It was so cool of them to be able to go up and sing.

Regardless whether back up or main singer, we still love Him which is a common similarity among us. The second time there today I sat right at the back because I went in there late.

Well, late comers can't be picky.
Note to self, be there early next time.
The main service today was really interesting as I managed to focus on it despite being worn out from an all nighter reading manga and blogs dota a bit.

I really love to hear words of God correct me if I am wrong; using this sentence. I find it real interesting and awspiring (awe+inspiring).
It ended soon and time for lunch.

Well, I was budgeting so I decided to skip lunch.
Emmely asked me whether I had my meal; I disclosed to her that I haven't even take my breakfast. Lol.

Well, everyone was awsomely nice to me.
Justin wanted to share with me his meal. Thanks for the offer.
Mr Chan wanted to buy me lunch. Thanks Uncle but I feel uneasy taking meal like that.
Finally our MVP, Benjamin correct me if I mistook him for someone else; bought me a meal without me asking and treated me with warmth and kindness.
Thanks a million to those names I mentioned above.

I would love to return the favour one day.
Before my meal, I saw the Benjamin, Evelyn and several more; sorry weak with names,
making a comercial video. That was so hilarious yet so cool because they were so independent.

Then, Benjamin pulled me out for my meal. Thanks again.
After eating, I saw the girls practicing their dance moves.
Cool, I'm sure you all will be great although I'm not sure whether or not I will be able to attend the Family Day celebration.
Ps. I have a family but my trial exam is on the next day.

But I will say this, I will not miss any events organized by W.H.C. for the world.
I finally bought "it".
I'm not typing what "it" is to refrain from angering my parents.
You all know why.

Then Justin came with this cool software and installed it in my phone.
I love it.
It's terrific and I really could benefit from it when I can't bring "it" on trips with family members.

Then, we went in to the hall and played several mind boggling games.
They were easy in the beginning but soon gave me a headache when it started to get harder.
Besides, I was too sleepy to concentrate.
I had 2 cup of coffees which still wasn't sufficient to keep me awake.

Funny thing was I almost and did slept while Youth service was singing.
I slept while standing. O.0
I'm not weird; tell me I am not weird right? >.<

Well, I had the great opportunity to feast my eyes upon the artwork of Evelyn's hand drawn art which were totally awesome and awespiring.
She clearly has the talent and passion just like me for cooking.
Ps. No shame in being unable to cook; why my own sister in her 20s can't even cook so there's nothing to be ashamed off.

Pursue your dreams as a Manga Artist or an animator for there will be "HIM" to support you as you pursue your dreams with no regrets nor worries. >.<
There will be the rest of us to support you as well.

By the way, just saying my opinion alright? NO offence.
Blogging don't really need extreme maturity level.
Any one can blog but it depends on the person whether he or she wants to blog in a good manner or vice versa.

If you have a younger sibling who wants to blog, you should encourage them because blogging is good as it improves our vocab If and only If you use proper English and it enables you to express yourself.

So blogging isn't all bad you see; it's more good then bad.
If you worry you don't know what to type, well any thing can be taken as a topic.
Things like books, mangas, or things you adore.
Blogging is a limitless zone as long as you play by the rules.

So don't think negative towards blogging and have some confidence in yourself. Why do you worry whether you can keep your blog going or not when we shouldn't worry for "HE" did not give us fear but... ;you know the rest of the story right?

And do not refrain younger siblings from blogging.
It's not right because you are doing it; why not them?
If you fear too much then guide them to ensure they play by he rules to enable them to be independent in the future where they can soar with their wings.

I sound like a philosopher.
Do I?

And one last thing, my chat box is pathetically empty.
Well, that's because I changed my template and deleted my old chat box.
If you readers do not mind, kindly leave some comments or words in my chat box.
Please and thank you.

May God bless you all.
In Jesus name,

Thanks a million to everyone for brightening my day.

Signing off
Giving up the name UberBadBoy
See ya.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Sunday

Wonderful Sunday.
I went to World Harvest Church today.
It took me a whole hour to find it but i finally found it with Emmely and her dad's help.
Thanks a lot.

Felt nervous at first.
But they calmed me down.
Thanks a lot to Mr and Mrs Isac for being ever so nice.
Thanks a lot to the rest of the Youth Service there which includes Evelyn, Emmely, Fabian, Ian, Marcus, Benjamin and a whole lot more if I could remember your names.
Don't blame me I'm bad with remembering names, give me time and I will do my best.

I felt that going to the W.H.C. was awspiring (awness+inspiring).
If I get to go there again I will not miss it for the world.
Just like the what I learned from the Services, no one can take Christ from me and no one can stop me from going to worship the Lord.

But for now I'm obliged to follow my parents' wish by; you know.
Felt a bit nostalgic leaving that wonderful place; filled with family warmth even though I've been there once only but we felt as though we've met for a long period of time.

Evelyn changed for the better to as I met her today.
She's ever so friendly and cute (kawaii). Give yourself more confidence please!!
Ignore insults and teases as they do not how to appreciate you; their lose.

Emmely was as usual; the bears are rental, can I have them back next week;if I can go. Seriously XD

I met many new friends all so ever loving and kind.
Thanks a million.
And last but not least Mr Chan who was so kind to guide me there and even dropped me off at Sunway Pyramid. I owe you one, sir.

There was this guy next to Benjamin, Indian quite tall and thin.
I gave him my number but he didn't miss call me back.
He was every so friendly.
He and Ian came for me when I was avoiding them.
Thanks a lot.

I shouldn't have avoided Christ but go to him and seek refuge in him when troubled.
I owe you guys one for preventing me from further sinning.
I would dearly pay anything to meet you guys again.

By the way, Marcus is a good friend there. He's a 2418 year old man teenager who is cool and can easily chill with anyone; I mean it.
Don't let his fierce expression fool you.
Beneath that fierce look is a gentle teenager*.
Here's to Marcus; 18 forever.

To Ian,
Thanks a million dude for chilling with me.
I treasure our friendship and hope to see you.
If it wasn't for you I might have already went back early.

Pastor Isac and Wife,
I enjoyed both the services that both of you gave.
It was terrific; I usually get bored in talks but both of you were terrific.
Both of you were ever so kind to pray for me and get to know me.
I feel that it was an honour meeting both of you.
Thanks a million.

And to the rest, I thank you all from the bottom of my Broken Heart.
If God willing, I will definitely visit all of you as I have said; I won't miss World Harvest Church's Services for the world.

Hope to see all of you next week.
May God bless you.
In Jesus name, Amen.

Thanks a million to everyone.

Live Life With No Regrets.