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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back from Hiatus

It's been a while since I last updated. And by a while, I mean it literally, probably it's an understatement...

Okay, It certainly is an understatement. From a post a day, it declined to somewhat nil. I guessed I've lost the hang of it. And by coming out of my hiatus, it might give whatever readers I have left an idea that I might have gotten the hang of it again.

Maybe, just maybe. Before I talk about myself again, let me enlighten my gossip hunger readers about my experiences for the past few months.

At college, a new operator arrived and, eventually, I've gotten myself another kai yeh. Well, don't think negative okay? I am a polite chap with humility and these are the essential virtues needed if you're aiming to get a kai yeh or a kai ma.

P.s I do not go round looking for kai yeh or kai ma to rip off. 

One day, we had a friendly conversation and through that conversation; seriously no offense but I do believe that the younger generations are a bit impolite, low in humility and most definitely demanding.

Yes, not all, but quite a number are freaking, wait for it..... Yes.... freaking DEMANDING.

The food served by the operator is quite cheap considering the rental charged by the blood money-sucking college. And yet, students were being demanding.

Yes, go on arguing I deserve every penny spent on the purchased food. Yes, that's your right as a consumer. But things went overboard (from my point of view) when the operator told me he was scolded by a student for giving that low life the undesirable part of the bread in Gardenia loaves, the skin.

That student demanded for another set of toast bread and refused to eat the perfectly fine one, just because it is the one with skin. Well, I have just this to say to that student, that undesirable part you wasted, can feed a family in Africa. People are starving because of famine but you just wasted food just because you think it's not nice.

What about me?

Well, I used to be picky too. I grumbled and fussed when mom gave me the skin piece. Thank God she sent me to loads of camp, where I was mindset to eat anything served without complain or else starve and they literally let you starve, okay...okay... I do grumble a bit sometimes, heck I am not perfect.

Admit it, you all do the same too right, once a while~~ You know, when mom  cooked something you totally dislike, in my case, it's most definitely mushroom and chicken feet. Can't stand the mushroom smell and most definitely can't swallow the chicken feet.

Yet, once a while, I humor mom by literally swallowing the whole chicken leg, choking myself to near death and finally relieving myself with gallons of water.

Well, I guess that's all for this agenda and before I close it, here's a phrase which might close this agenda nicely.

Beggars can't be choosy

Unless your dad's super rich and pampers you like crazy, just eat and be thankful. 
You just don't know how lucky you are to have 3 square meals a day. 
Now, let's continue, I have loads more to rant about. 

Of Bus and Passengers

Pardon me for not using illustrations but I do believe pictures are worth a thousand words, how about a thousand words then? Wouldn't it bring more meaning? Well, perhaps we might be able to debate on that on another Blogger's Gathering as soon as I finish my exams and if I am still considered a blogger by Nuffnangers.

I comute to college by bus to and fro. I am a tolerant person but sometimes you just can't tolerate every single crap thrown at you, can you? I know I can't. If I could, I would be Him.

Bus drivers who dreamt of street racing but never had the chance. I assure you, if roller coasters just can't do it, try the bus. You will be jerking forward and backward and to the driver, it's none of his business because he is sitting comfortably on his chair.
 P.s Insurance agents can make a living here in the bus.

Bus that offers shower facility, literally. There are times when the rain is pouring and I got on the bus, thinking that the bus would be clear of the moisture. Oh what a shock I had when the bus was worse than the rain itself. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but still shouldn't bus operators get it fixed? Why are we paying them so much for such louzy treatment? In Singapore, 50 cents last the whole day. Well, we used to have
RM 2 for a day until they abolished it and they dare increase ticket prices with such louzy services? What a joke.

Bus feeling like a sardin can, perhaps an understatement. I often fall asleep standing in the bus. Yes, I sleep while standing and why is that so? Previous Milo advertisement portrays guys in sumo outfits trying to stuff themselves into a car. Well, that's what I felt on the bus. It was so packed that I could sleep while standing and the best part is, I don't have to hold onto anything, people were like a clump of jelly, swaying front and back but never falling down. I am sure if they could stack passengers like domino bricks, they would most definitely consider doing it.

Horrible bus schedules. It is annoying and disturbing when frequent bus users like me, realized that a few bus heading towards one destination left the terminal together. This causes long waits upto an hour for the next batch of bus. I mean, what's the point of having 4 busses going to the same place and all  the bus are kinda empty. This causes the can Sardin situation. I wonder what were the management thinking?

Now let me jump to passengers.
Top of my list is

Gold miners. The worst of them all, I daresay. Seriously, I find it repulsive to be next to one. Once,a miner mines tirelessly for that "gold" and flicks it off just like that. I was flabbergasted and to top it off, the miner didn't even clean his hands. I freaked out and walked to the far end of the bus and got off as soon as I could. Perhaps personal hygiene never struck him or the others?

Elbowing Grandmas. This grannies, not all, are greedy. I offered an inch, but they wanted a yard so I gave them a foot (kick). My lecturer taught me this idiom, cool right?

I offered an inch, You asked for a yard and now I give you a foot.

What am I trying to say? Well, I pitied them so I often gave them some space. But some just took advantage of my nice-ness and decided to burrow their way in, YES by elbowing me out. I got  kicked out of my spot by several grannies and finally it was time for the foot. I held my stand firmly and when they pushed, don't blame me for being mean okay; I raised my arms holding onto the handles and let them smell my armpits Take that grannies, I am fighting back. Lol.

Perverts, gay pervert. I was sitting in a bus one day and in front of me was this hot girl. She was sleeping and well, she caught my eyes. Well, I am guy, natural okay. But the guy next to her is a pervert. He stared at her bossoms; tilted his head nearer to her to get a better view and to make matters worse he is wearing pink, and is in his late forties with a beer gut. He even spread his legs wide open and started touching his crotch. Even when the girl noticed that pervert and glared back at him, he still carried on. If only I had a gun....

And that's the end of my louzy yet only way of transportation home til I can drive.

I guess that's all for now. Signing off

Au revoir; till we meet again.

Live life with no regrets

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